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ECOSOLAR ™ Solar Powered Surveillance Cameras. For use in different Metro Applications. 

Eco Multi Solutions Ltd introduces our all new solar powered Closed Circuit Cameras for use within the city and in offices and houses. This device which comes in two different varieties for both applications is rugged, weather resistant and easy to install with minimal maintenance.

  For home or office use, a powerful 2.4GHz transmitter allows it to send a constant signal from a football field away (300 ft.). No one will ever suspect that you are able to "watch" places where there is no power available.

Infrared motion sensor even triggers an audible alarm on the base station when movement is detected by the camera. This doesn’t require a separate monitor.

For metro applications, which include crime surveillance, traffic monitoring and fire and medical response management, pipeline surveillance etc. the ECOSOLAR Surveillance Cameras come in handy. These wireless surveillance systems not only offer flexible deployment, they also offer analog, IP-based, and network surveillance cameras, which have a great advantage over traditional CCTV systems and their cameras. Its accessories include a PV module, a charge controller and a Deep Cycle Maintenance –Free battery.

Wireless cameras have features ranging from fixed models to direction-controlled or dome models with automatic PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) functions offering super sharp images. Since one security camera can now do the work of five, the surveillance efficiency improves for the long run. In addition, wireless systems can store surveillance data onto DVRs (digital video recorders).



Solar Powered CCTV Cameras. For use in offices and homes.

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